Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Delays: Of Research Papers and My Delays in Posting

This is just an information update -
I have yet to recently post a fabulous update in this blog of scientific reasoning due to the increasing difficulties in my current research papers for my classes. -.-
This, of course, meaning that I may have to return to the topic of String Theory at a later date, and instead pick a better topic to work with that is much simpler to convey in the short time I have in regards to what my classes at the current moment are leaving me with. I should have a break somewhere in the area of April to July where I can further elaborate on broader topics.

For now, however, I am taking suggestions for the next piece. I was thinking more along the lines of a few posts debunking various and poorly-represented (either intentionally or out of sheer stupidity) instances of irrational thought, logical systems, and scientific methods. Perhaps a bit of Kent Hovind, NephilimFree, and the bullocks of other various nut jobs on the internet. Maybe a 9/11 Conspiracy nut and an Illuminati hunter for a nice even mix.

As for now, I am taking suggestions.

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