Monday, February 7, 2011

An Echo in a Vacuum

Humanity is an odd creature.
We are less than Gods - but more than animals. We have, over the 3.5 Billion years that life has existed on this planet, grown from the smallest of single-celled organisms to become the greatest of all the creatures on this planet. It was not by brawn, or by niche - but by our minds.
Through careful observation, and calculation, we have risen from the mud and dirt to become that which we are today... Kings of our Planet. Surveyers of the Stars. Masters of Our Fate. Explorers of the Universe. We have done this by taking everything we have obtained from our ancestors (both in knowledge and in biological analysis) and have gone above and beyond what they could have ever dreamed possible.
As YouTube's most popular science advocate, thunderf00t [ref], put it:
We stand here on the shoulders of Giants. And from our vantage point we can see further than they. [ref] (@ approximately 1:57)

I know that this blog may not reach many people. I know that it may not reach anyone. I have better chances of screaming in a vacuum than becoming any sort of person of renown. I will never win a Nobel Prize, and I will never be a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

This blog - the Logically Illogical - is my contribution to the world at large. It is my shout into the vacuum of the internet, itself a vast and empty world of information...
But who said that you were not free to listen?


  1. Interesting, but your background makes it hard to read mate. Will keep tabs on this :)

  2. I agree with above commenter. I like what you have to say, its just that your background makes it hard to read.

  3. Your background makes the text really hard to read at times :S

  4. Good intro, but has anyone told you this background makes it hard to read?

  5. But think about this. Isn't it logical to be illogic?

  6. No because Logic has a structure.
    But I enjoy your banter, young troll. xD